What exactly is Gentle Sleep Coaching and how does it work?

How many times were you warned, by good advice, when you were expecting to “take all the sleep you can because once that baby is born.. “

When becoming a new parent we think that all the broken and sleepless nights in the first years are part of the process. Being able to fall asleep seems like something very simple to most of us but this is a skill that our little ones still need to learn. With Gentle sleep coaching you will be your babies coach to teach them how to fall asleep independently. We use attachment-based methods for you to support your child’s new skill of independent sleep. I recommend parents to offer love, support, comfort and reassurance and be a secure base for their babies during their sleep coaching journey.

Below you will find in a nutshell how a coaching journey will look like: 


Introduction call

We will discuss the current sleep challenges, what your style of parenting is and what your ultimate goal would be. I will share my way of working and how I can help you.


Intake form

If you then decide to start this new journey, you will fill out an extensive intake form that gives me a full background about your child, the current sleep habits and your ultimate goal and wishes. Based on your childs temperament, the current situation and your goals I will set up a customized sleep plan.



During the consultation I will share the plan with you, answer any questions or doubts you might have. And set you up for success. After the consult I will finalize the plan and share it with you.


Implementing new sleep habits

For two weeks we will be working closely together and be in daily contact to follow up on the plan. Any questions that come along will be discussed during our coaching period. I will encourage and support you along the way while you establish new sleep habits with your little one.